Yarn Club Jeans 8ply


YC Jeans 8ply 100% Cotton

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100% Cotton Jeans 8ply yarn

Yarn Club Jeans 8ply is 100% soft cotton yarn that gives handmade pieces the effect of the most used fabric in the world.  It has medium thickness, and the colour shades have different washes and dyes.

Artisans who work with Jeans make truely unique items and create various pieces such as skirts, jackets, blouses, pants, shorts, as well as accessories and decorations with great beauty and style.


Stone Washed 50g Jeans 8ply yarn


Length: 140m

Recommended Needle: 3mm to 4mm

Weight: 50g

Additional information

Weight .05 kg

Pink White 568, Teal White 575, Camel White 730, Brown White 731, Blue White 758