Safety Eyes Toys Amigurumi 5mm to 24mm


Safety Eyes Amigurumi Toys

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Safety Eyes for Amigurumi Toy Making


Choose from a range of sizes from 5mm to 24mm


Glossy eyes with backs to secure


Great for Crochet and Knitting and other crafts


Quantity per pack

Size 5mm,6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm = 10 sets of eyes

Size 12mm & 14mm = 4 sets of eyes

Size 16mm to 24mm = 2 sets of eyes


Child Safety Note: Although safety eyes come with backs to secure they can still fall off, so please do not use for children under 3 years.

Additional information

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5mm x 10 pack, 6mm x 10 pack, 7mm x 10 pack, 8mm x 10 pack, 9mm x 10 pack, 10mm x 10 pack, 12mm x 4 pack, 14mm x 4pack, 16mm x 2 pack, 18mm x 2 pack, 20mm x 2 pack, 22mm x 2 pack, 24mm x 2 pack

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