Crochet Ribbed Identical Socks Pattern


Crochet Ribbed Socks Pattern


Crochet Ribbed Socks pattern to make 2 identical socks when made in recommended yarn Water Colour Socks


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  • Rib pattern runs on top of sock and around leg of sock.
  • The sole of the sock is worked in extended double crochet.  The extened double crochet stitch gives a softer feel under foot and has some stretch compared to double crochet stitch.
  • These socks have an forethought heel aka afterthought heel which is reinforced by using double crochet stitches. The space for the heel is made using foundation crochet which is stretchier than using the chain stitch only method.
  • These methods give a more comfortable fitting crochet sock.  However as with any crochet sock please ensure you match the gauge exactly.  The slightest varition can make the sock loose or to small to put on.


Gauge: 23 sts = 10cm wide 22 rows = 10cm high


Skill Level: intermediate crochet


To make 2 identical socks, work until you reach the white section of yarn which is the half way mark on the yarn cone.  The white section in the yarn indicates where to start the 2nd sock to have the same colour repeat.


Finished Measurements:
Foot circumference: 20.5cm (small) [24cm (medium), 28cm (large)]
Foot length: 23cm (small) [25.5cm (medium), 28cm(large)]


100g Laines Du Nord Watercolour Sock x 1 ball, 3 x stitch markers, a 2.50mm hook and yarn needle.


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