Birch 8mm, 9mm 10mm – 80cm Circular Knitting Needle


Birch 8mm 80cm Circular Knitting Needle


Genuine Birch 8mm Circular Knitting Needle

 80cm length

In need for some circular needles to use for your next dazzling knitting projects? 
These handy Birch 80 cm Circular Knitting Needles are perfect for you! 
You can use them for knitting in the round style and size for hats and seamless socks, or for holding many stitches when knitting lager garments or blankets. 
Made with superbly high quality plastic nylon material combination these circular needles offers durability and long-time usage to fit your knitting endeavours.

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8.00mm, 9.00mm, 10.00mm