Crochet Oval Shapes

Oval shapes are used in many crochet projects such as the base of bags, oval baskets, oval rugs and arigurumi shapes.

To create an oval shape in crochet, requires crocheting on both sides of the chain, with some increased stitches at each end to round the sides and edges. Below are step by step images and video instructions on this technique.

Once you’ve crocheted your first row, and your piece looks like this:

Now, you encounter the instruction to ‘work the bottom of the foundation chain’. What does that mean? First, rotate the piece 180 degrees clockwise so that the row you just crocheted is on the bottom:

Now, crochet along the bottom loops of the foundation row (working from right to left), just as if you were working a regular row!

Once you’ve finished the row, you’ll have a lovely oval piece