Half treble (htr)

Half trebles are stitches that are the next height up to a double crochet stitch. The yarn is wrapped round the hook first before going into the stitch (or space) and then once pulled through the stitch (or space) there will be three loops on the hook. The middle loop is from the strand that was wrapped round the hook. Before you attempt to pull the yarn through all three stitches, make sure the loops sit straight and loosely on the hook so that you can pull another strand through to complete the stitch.

half treble stitch step 1

1. Make your foundation chain as usual to start. Before inserting the hook into the work, wrap the yarn round the hook. Then with the yarn wrapped round the hook, insert the hook through the 3rd chain from the hook. Work ‘yarn round hook’ again (as shown by the arrow).

half treble stitch step 2

2. Pull the yarn through the chain. You now have three loops on the hook. Yarn round hook again and pull it through all three loops on the hook.

half treble stitch step 3

3. You will be left with one loop on the hook. Continue working one half treble into each chain to the end of the foundation chain