There are a number of ways to embroider a nose, you can use the method below, or click here for another method, which shows you a practice sample to use to test designs.

Simple embroidered nose

There are so many beautiful techniques for embroidering noses on your teddy bears, just do a Google search for “artist teddy” and you’ll see what I mean. But most of them take quite a bit of time and effort – all stitches really need to be very precise. It’s not easy with fabric toys, but almost impossible to get a nice result on crocheted toys.

When working with bumpy crochet surface, it’s best to keep things simple.

Amigurumi tutorial: Embroidering teddy bear, bunny and cat nose // Kristi Tullus (

Insert the needle under the head and bring it up right at the center of the nose. Draw the yarn through, leaving a short yarn tail at the bottom.

Amigurumi tutorials

Go straight down, making a little vertical stitch, and bring the needle back up where the mouth starts. Draw the stitch tight.

make teddy bear nose

Insert the needle under the vertical stitch and draw the yarn through.

Amigurumi teddy bear nose

Insert the needle where the mouth ends and bring it up where the nose starts. Draw the stitch tight.

embroider amigurumi animal face

Or you can skip the mouth part and just make a long vertical stitch.

embroider simple teddy bear nose

Start embroidering the nose. Make horizontal stitches, always inserting and bringing up the needle in the same hole, trying to keep even tension.

easy amigurumi teddy bear tutorial

Just keep stitching until the nose is big enough.

embroidering faces for crocheted animals

Come back out through the opening and knot the yarn ends together under the head. Or fasten and hide the yarn tail, if you already sewed your toy together.

embroider teddy nose