What are continuous rounds?

Continuous rounds are a way to work in the round without ever joining or turning your work. When you finish one round, you simply continue working around again. There’s no slip stitch and no chain to start the next round, so there is no visible “seam”. Also, since you never turn, you will always be working on the right side of the fabric. These two characteristics make this an ideal technique for amigurumi, and it’s often used for things like hats and socks as well. It also gives a flatter circle than joining with slip stitch.

Without a visible joining, it’s extremely important to mark the first stitch of each round. You can use a normal stitch marker and move it with each round, but you will only be marking the round you are currently on. If you make a mistake and need to rip out more than 1 round, you could still easily lose your place. You could try using a separate stitch marker for each round, but that’s a lot of stitch markers!

Running stitch markers:

A better option is to use a running stitch marker. This is simply a scrap piece of yarn that is woven back and forth between the rounds. A running stitch marker can also be a great help in counting rounds, as you can count how many times the marker moves back and forth.

NOTE: The video below is in US termology, please replace SC (US) to DC (AUS/UK).