Below are step by step diagrams, videos on changing colours and embroidering basic facial features such as bear noses.

HANDY TIP: It is a good idea to practice your embroidery on a scrap piece of stiff fabric or felt. This saves making a mistake on your amigurumi project.

The video below shows how to make simple eyebrows suitable for the projects in Amigurumi Lesson 2. Skip ahead to about 2 minutes in the video to view how to secure the yarn, and make both eyebrows with the same piece of yarn. NOTE: the demonstration in the below video uses a knitted toy, however the methods for adding facial features are the same, just replace the reference to each knitted stitch to each crochet stitch.

PRACTICE YOUR EMBROIDERY – Here are some step-by-step photos showing how to make one particular nose.  Start off by cutting a small circular piece of felt and get your needle and embroidery floss ready!

Start from the back side of the felt so that your knot will be hidden underneath.  We will be creating a triangle for this particular nose.  As illustrated in the photo below, stitch one line across at the top and then poke your needle below at a point that is halfway between the top line
Join the sides of the triangle.

Fill in the triangle.
Stitch a line straight down.
Then stitch two small lines to create a “v” on the right side.
Next, stitch a “v” on the left side.  The nose is complete!
The next important step is placing the nose on the face. This is definitely personal preference. If placed to low or high it will look wrong. This nose is placed too low…
This nose is placed wayyyy too low…
This nose is placed a little too high…
Place Nose to align horizontally between centre of eyes


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